Don’t Miss The Last Weekend Of The North Carolina State Fair

The North Carolina State Fair always has some of the most delicious fried foods. What is your favorite?

This is the last weekend for the North Carolina State Fair everyone! If you missed your opportunity to go, now is the time to get out and enjoy North Carolina’s biggest and most fun event.

The weather is expected to be picture perfect, with temperatures in the low 60’s.  Take advantage of that and all the activities the fair has to offer.

North Carolina State Fair returns to the Fairgrounds in Raleigh October 13th and runs through the 23rd of the month.  The State Fair is one of the most exciting events every year, so make sure you grab your tickets and take part.

Along with all the old favorites such as the kiddie land fun park, grandstand shows, and the folk festival, the Fair is introducing the Cultivate a Career Exhibit.  Plus, you can’t be at the fair without partaking in some of the most delicious food around!  Everyone has their favorites.  What’s your favorite fair food?

Don’t miss the fair this weekend everyone.  The last day is Sunday October 23rd.



photo credit:  blogs.smithsonian